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In which my night has been made….

Ask Ariel #4 (by arielhirsch10)

So I get a response from Ariel Hirsch (inspiration for Mabel Pines and twin sister to Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch) saying that she answered my question about her adorable pig collection. At first I thought she meant it was on her video which was posted this week, but I watched it and it wasn’t mentioned. ….Then I noticed that it was video #5 and not #4. Video #4 was posted last week on her new YouTube channel. I go there to find…. that she made a whole special video dedicated to my question!!!!! *SQUEES LIKE A LITTLE KID*

OMG! This totally made my night and week!!! I feel a little bad that didn’t know about it sooner, but I’m also soooo happy right now!!!! LOL! *bounces all over* THANK YOU, ARIEL!!!

If anyone hasn’t watched her videos yet, you should! She is such a sweet and funny person!!

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